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Workplace Design and Productivity

Workplace Design and Productivity It was a bright morning, in the downtown of Johannesburg. I was new in the country and was looking for a job. I had a meeting with a placement manager called Mpho. As I was searching for the address, I was pleasantly surprised to land at a quiet two storeyed office building with a beautiful garden. I had never seen such an office complex in India. As I walked inside, Mpho greeted me and took me into her cabin. It was a small room overlooking a beautiful garden, with a big tree just outside the window….

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How the modern eLearning is changing the learning trends in Indian context

How the modern eLearning is changing the learning trends in Indian context Recently I came across a meme in Times of India, on the Teachers Day. The young boy in the class, with folded hands, was thanking his laptop profusely while the teacher looked on with a glum face. However this is the reality of todays India. As per 2015 statistics, the eLearning industry in India is an approximately 1 billion dollar industry and is growing at a rate of 55%. Although the industry is still in its infancy, it has a tremendous growth potential. E-Learning has been there in…

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Green Computing and India’s role in it

To fulfill the commitment given to UNFCCC, the government of India has launched a number of initiatives in the country. The government regulations have been one of the drivers for Green IT in the industry. An expert group has been set up to formulate a roadmap on low carbon strategy. The recommendations from this group have been included in the twelfth five year plan of India. This shows the significance put by the Indian government to the Green IT initiatives (Chawla, 2012).

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Knowledge Management using Information Technology

Organizations need some mechanisms for effective creation, distribution and application of knowledge. Knowledge should be accessible across the organization, and sometimes outside the organization e.g. to its customers, anytime and anywhere. The key criteria are fast, easy search & access, easy to share, meaningful presentation, customized to the requirements of the target user groups and so on. The help of technology is a must to achieve all these. The common technologies used in the KM space are Content Management and Portals, Communication, Collaboration and Analytics.

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Why Indian companies must go green

Introduction Initially IT was perceived as a non-polluting industry with no adverse effect on the environment. However, in the last decade this misconception has changed and the global community is becoming increasingly aware of its impact on climate change and global warming. One of the causes is generation of heat adding to increase in carbon footprint and global warming. The PCs, Monitors, Data Centres consume huge amount of energy and emit huge amount of heat. As per the International Telecommunication Union report (2010), 3% to 4% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emission is due to IT industry and it is…

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