Solutions in a Beat

Business Process Management

In Music, it is how beats are measured. In business, it is how organizations are transformed.

business_processCompanies cannot ignore Business Process Management anymore if they want to reach a new performance level faster. BPM is the means for aligning IT and business, the result being reducing overall cycle time, increasing efficiency and quality, cutting down cost, complying with regulations and so on. Business Processes are at the heart of any BPM initiative. The ultimate goal of any BPM implementation is to create an agile organization that responds quickly to change.

An exhaustive end-to-end BPM implementation would cover aspects like process modelling, rule-driven process automation, Content Management and Collaboration, Portals, Analytics and SOA-based Integration with other data sources and back-end Application.

At Pulsatech, we help the customer identify the right set of Business Processes for optimization; discover the details of those processes and streamline them for operational excellence; evaluate a BPM platform suitable for the customer’s requirement; and configure and deploy the same.