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Business Analytics

Business Analytics have become vital part of any business. Today no decision support system, continuous improvement programs, performance measures etc. can be effective without Business Analytics.

In the current decade Information-led transformations are changing the business the same way as ERP and CRM. Structured and unstructured data are made consumable and accessible to everyone.

There is a huge wealth of data every Business possesses. These data, when analysed properly, give critical insights into demographic, contextual and behavioural information of the customers and enable businesses to take critical decisions regarding media buying, campaign management etc.

Descriptive Analytics – What, Where, How many, How Often
Predictive Analytics – What could happen, What if
Prescriptive Analytics – How to achieve best outcome
Content Analytics – Insights, Concepts, Relationships
Web Analytics – Deep insights to improve website interactions

Pulsatech specializes in multiple Data Management and BI Platforms like Adobe, CleverTap, QlikView and Tableau and offers customized solutions for your Business Needs; ensuring that the insights derived from your business data leads to real business value.

For E-commerce platforms we offer services in improved Customer Experience, Web Analytics, Social Media Analytics and customer insight driven marketing campaign.