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Green IT Consulting

Initially IT was perceived as a non-polluting industry with no adverse effect on the environment. However, in the last decade this misconception has changed and the global community is becoming increasingly aware of its impact on climate change and global warming. Green IT is also known as green computing. In simple terms it implies eco-friendly IT i.e. Implementing IT solutions and infrastructure efficiently with minimal or no negative impact on the environment and without any wastage. This has led to a revolution in the field of computing technology. It has forced technology firms to come up with several innovative solutions and products aiming at reduction in energy consumption, reduction in E-waste, improved disposal mechanism etc. IT can also play as an enabler for a sustainable environment and society.
Though India is a signatory of UNFCCC and has given a clear commitment for reduction of GHG emission and carbon footprint, yet the current green index of India continues to be low at 52.
green-computingIt is seen that while the large IT companies in India are reasonably well prepared and equipped with green computing implementation, the smaller companies are far behind. There are thousands of small and medium sized companies in operation in India. So it will be impossible for India to achieve its goal if the SMBs are not part of the green computing initiative.
Going Green also ensures having competitive edge and huge Cost Savings for the organizations.
We, at Pulsatech Solutions, offer the following Green Computing Consulting Services for Small and Medium sized organizations.
– Formulate Environment Sustainability Policy and Green IT Strategy
– Facilitate Estimation and Budget Allocation for the same
– Setting measurable targets (KPIs) and facilitate Implementation
– Green Procurement
– Vendor Compliance
– Green IT Audit and Reporting
– Conduct Green IT Training, Communication, Awareness